Portfolio 1

A high tech and modern kitchen design can include sustainable products as Low VOC paint, energy efficient light bulbs in the light fixtures, cabinetry with wood fronts certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Censored light switches in the kitchen saves …

Portfolio 2

Seating upholstered with recycled content commercial grade fabric, low VOC paint on the walls, natural flooring as granite and LED lighting tubes recessed in the ceiling can be achieved in this 1960’s-1970’s neo modern living room.

Portfolio 3

An eclectic styled kitchen which has options as low VOC paint, reusable wood molding (which is in good condition) and existing table and chairs painted white to match the décor of the space. Kitchen countertop made with recycled quartz materials …

Portfolio 4

Elegance achieved by reused and redesigned chandelier fixture, wood flooring, sheer drapes which are made from natural fiber content and wall coverings from recycled content material makes Green ideas gorgeous!

Portfolio 5

Red, burgundy and purple are the current trend colors for interiors this year. An ultra contemporary European kitchen which all appliances and cabinet doors share the same front finish. The use of energy saving lighting and eco-friendly countertops can complete …

Portfolio 6

Rendered space plan for a typical office plan shows the final result for an accounting or law firm seeking less than 4,000 square feet of rental space.

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